R 190.00
Type: Livestock

VOERDOKTER provides 4 advantages:

Increase lamb and calf growth by 3.26%.

This enhances fertility and growth because it contains minerals that penetrate the intestinal membrane better than other artificially manufactured minerals, resulting in better mineral absorbability. It also contains magnesium oxide, which stimulates fertility. Reproduction is 5 times more important than growth traits from a profitability perspective and 10 times more important than carcass traits. Reproduction is the farmer's greatest profit!

Reduce dosage usage.

According to independent scientific research available in the public domain and conducted at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and Iowa State University: "The effect of adding the best bioadditives, such as diatoms (VoerDokterr), to feed has been evaluated in sheep. The conclusion is that all treatments were effective and ensured a reduction in counts of the L3 larval stages of gastrointestinal nematodes (GIN). Other researchers have shown that if the L3 population is reduced, there is a decrease in contamination, as well as a decrease in GIN, counts in the animals' intestinal tracts, resulting in lower worm eggs per gram of faeces (EPG). The mechanism of action is mechanical, which facilitates the dehydration [of infectious L3 third-stage worm larvae] in animal faeces."

Increased immunity.

It enhances immunity by supporting the action of white blood cells (neutrophils). Animals with higher immunity have a better inherent ability to withstand adverse conditions and diseases, resulting in fewer sick animals and fewer fatalities. It increases immunity because it contains silica and silicon. The benefits of these have only recently been better understood in animals. Look at the labels of feeds and supplements: silicon (Si) has not yet been included in feeds and supplements and must be added separately.

Neutralize diarrhoea and mycotoxins.

It neutralizes diarrhoea. It also neutralizes a broad spectrum of mycotoxins by adsorbing them in the digestive tract. This means fewer sick animals and better herd health. Mycotoxins are toxic fungi that occur unnoticed in feed and pastures and adversely affect the digestive tract. The digestive tract plays up to 70% role in an animal's immunity.