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Type: Medication

It is a 0, I% solution of Acriflavine in pure Glycerin.

Uses Action:
Acridines are all potent antiseptics.Acriflavine, like other acridine derivatives, is effective against both gram positive and gram negative bacteria. It possesses the advantage of retaining its activity in the presence of body fluids and pus and of being comparatively free from toxic or  irritant action.Acriflavine is suitable for the treatment of contaminated or suppurating (weeping) wounds. (The wound having being thoroughly cleansed).

Glycerin is used externally for its emollient action.When applied undiluted to mucous membranes or broken skin, glycerin absorbs moisture and enables drugs held in solution to penetrate  more  readily. It is employed  for  its hygroscopic action in inflammatory conditions.

Refer to Protocol for Wound Management: Acriflavine in glycerin solution can be applied into the wound as an alternative if proper irrigation is not possible, because it promotes wound drainage qnd has a hygroscopic action which may reduce local swelling when applied with well-padded bandages.The wounds are left unsutured to provide adequate drainage. Daily bandage changes are required. Usually for the first 5 – days.The use of an Acriflavine in Glycerin compound in the management of contaminated and infected wounds has stood the test of time in general veterinary practices over ftve decades.Acriflavine in Glycerin enhances the wound drainage due to its hygroscopic hypertonic action.

Pack sizes:
500ml and 2,SL

Reg. No. G1776 Act 36/1947

A useful antiseptic (for wounds) containing 0.1% acriflavine hydrochloride in glycerin BP.
Pack Size(s): 500ml, 2,5L