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Type: Horses

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Equi-Feeds Horse Pasture Plus
Reg. No. V31109 (Act 36 of 1947)

A low energy blend of premium quality hay fibre and oaten hull pellets mixed with omega oils. This is a molasses free low protein meal that can be fed as an additive to boost the quality roughage intake. 

Suitable for horses and ponies that require:
  • Low energy high fibre diet when roughage is of poor quality or limited.
  • Premium quality lucerne as a natural acid buffer for horses that are prone to ulcers.
  • A high oil diet, with Omega 3 oils adding a slow release energy to the ration
  • An easily digested meal for horses with a reduced chewing capability. 


Roughage Supplement for Full Grown Horses, Brood Mares and Yearlings.

Ingredient Statement:

Lucerne, Soya Husks, Oat By-Products, Hay By-Products, Canola Oil



Feeding Instructions:

Chaff should be fed at a minimum of 1%  body weight daily. Feeding quantities differ according to body weight, condition, metabolism, work intensity and amount of concentrated feed and other roughage fed daily.