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Equi-Strath® contains a Unique Yeast Plasmolysate which acts directly on the horse’s immunity. It is proven to enhance and modulate the immune system which puts the body into a ‘perfect balance’. This allows it to deal quickly and effectively when things go wrong. It is also proven to significantly improve the uptake of dietary micronutrients. Equi-Strath® is made in Switzerland and comes with a wealth of success stories worldwide from as early as the 1960’s.

The Importance of Good Immunity in Horses

The immune system plays an integral part in maintaining health and well-being. It consists of a complex network of cells and proteins which act as an army in defending the body against viruses, bacteria and foreign bodies. Not only this, it also supports good physiological functioning which in turn, promotes homeostasis in the body. This allows for a rapid and appropriate immune response when needed.