R 115.00
Type: Pesticides

Insecticide dusting powder for garden and animal use. A residual contact and stomach poison for the control of pests as listed.

  • Can be used on dogs & cats to control ticks and fleas
  • Poultry and cage birds/ Red mites and tampans
    • Dust all poultry houses thoroughly and pay particular attention to the floor, new litter, perches, nests and nest hay as well as cracks in woodwork and walls
  • Lice
    • Dust under each wing and the vent
  • Dogs and cats (ticks and fleas)
    • Sprinkle the powder lightly on the hair and rub in well. In the case of cats, the powder must be brushed out afterwards. Apply treatment weekly or as often as is necessary.
  • Lawns lucerne caterpillars (Lawn caterpillars, army worms, elegant grasshoppers and crickets)
    • Karbadust dusting powder must be applied at the rate of 20 g / 10 m² on areas infested by these pests. Where lawn caterpillars occur, the lawn must be lightly irrigated after dusting. Where crickets occur, dust inside the holes. One Application should suffice.
  • Ornamentals (Shield bugs, chafer beetles and astylus beetles)
    • Dust plants thoroughly when these pests are noticed