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Type: Horses

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Capstone Prolong Time Pellet is a balanced complete low glycaemic feed with slow release energy for breeding, growing and sport horses. It can also be used successfully for maintenance.

This low GI concept is new to the South African horse industry.

Scientific research has shown that lower glycemic feed sources produce more balanced energy levels due to minimal blood sugar and insulin spikes following a meal. Capstone Prolong Time is a low starch feed containing highly digestible super fibres essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system and providing slow release energy. It is a blend of low glycemic energy sources, quality protein, amino acids, vitamins and organic minerals.

Capstone Prolong Time derives energy from fats and digestible fibre, making it ideal for horses that do not tolerate cereal grain. Minimal energy is derived from starch resulting in a lower glycemic response to feeding.

The horse’s digestive tract is designed to slowly digest and absorb feed. High starch and sugar feeds are absorbed quickly and often cause sudden changes in blood glucose and insulin levels, or upset the flora and pH balance of the hindgut. These sudden changes may increase the risk of disorders such as:

  • Excitable Behaviour
  • Equine Metabolic Syndrome
  • Hindgut Acidosis
  • Developmental Orthopedic Disease
  • Colic
  • Tying Up
  • Laminitis

Capstone Prolong Time is a low starch feed ideally suited for horses prone to these conditions.

Capstone Prolong Time can assist in achieving optimal growth in young horses by supplying essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins often deficient in pasture and roughage.


  • Low starch fully fortified: for horses that do not tolerate high grain diets.
  • Contains Beet Pulp and Soya Hulls: for superior digestion/hindgut health and for a ‘cool’ energy source.

  • Low Molasses level

  • Formulated using bioavailable organic trace minerals: Iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese and Cobalt which have numerous benefits including promotion of hoof wall growth, coat quality and increased bone mineralisation.

  • Pelleted formula: highly palatable and convenient.


Introduce Capstone Prolong Time to your horse’s diet gradually over a period of 4 to 7 days. Capstone Prolong Time should be fed in conjunction with a minimum of 1% bodyweight (5kg for a 500kg horse) of quality roughage such as chaff or hay as a fibre source for optimum hindgut digestion.

Capstone Prolong Time is a lower glycemic feed with slow release energy. Adjust feed intake according to needs based on breed, body condition, growth rate and available forage. As a guide:

2-3 kg for sport horses in light exercise
3-7 kg for sport horses in heavy exercise
2-4 kg for spelling horse, dry mare
3-5 kg for mid to late pregnant mare
4-7 kg for lactating mare
1-2 kg for older foal (if fed)
2.5-3 kg for weanling
3-5 kg for yearling

These daily guidelines are for horses with an expected mature body weight of 500kg. Adjust according to the expected mature weight of your horse. If horses do well and require intakes lower than these recommendations, then top up mineral and vitamin intakes with Capstone Life Time Balancer pellet. (add 250gm Capstone Lifetime Balancer per kg of Capstone Prolong Time less fed).

During periods of heavy sweat loss supplementation of a quality electrolyte such as Capstone Horse Electrolyte is recommended.

No more than 2kg of Capstone Prolong Time should be given per single feed. No added supplements or grains are required unless directed by a veterinarian or nutritionist.


Capstone Prolong Time is a scientifically formulated feed containing the following quality ingredients:

Wheaten Bran, Soya Hulls, Beet Pulp, Sweet Lupins, Molasses, Canola Oil, Limestone, Soya, Salt, Vitamin/Mineral Premium Premix, Lysine, Methionine, Mould Zap.


Store in a cool, dry place (below 25°C) away from direct sunlight with good air flow.


% g/kg
Min crude protein 15 150
Max Moisture 12 120
Min Crude Fat 6 60
Max Crude Fibre 12 120
Min Calcium 0.9 9
Min Phosphorous 0.6 6
Salt 1 10
Min Potassium 0.9 9
Sodium 0.45 4.5
Chloride 0.65 6.5
Ca:P ratio 1-5:1 / 1-7:1
Est digestible energy Mj/kg 12



Total Lysine g/kg 7
Methionine g/kg 4
Threonine g/kg 5
Choline g/kg 1.2
Vitamin A IU/kg 11750
Vitamin B1 mg/kg 15
Vitamin B2 mg/kg 15
Vitamin B6 mg/kg 7
Vitamin D3 IU/kg 1050
 Vitamin E  IU/kg 275
Vitamin K3 mg/kg 6
Vitamin B12 mcg/kg 35
Biotin mg/kg 0.2
D Cal Pan mg/kg 34
Folic Acid mg/kg 4
Niacin  mg/kg 102
Chromium mg/kg 1
Cobalt mg/kg 0.1
Copper mg/kg 48
Iodine mg/kg 0.6
Iron mg/kg 200
Magnesium g/kg 3
Manganese mg/kg 100
Selenium mg/kg 0.7
Zinc mg/kg 135