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Type: Medication

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Bactefort is a powder designed to combat a wide range of bacterial infections. With its potent composition containing 50% Oxytetracycline HCI, this broad-spectrum antibiotic is highly effective against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, as well as Mycoplasma.

Dosage and Directions for Use:

For Poultry: When administering Bactefort to poultry, there are two recommended methods:

  1. Administration in Feed: Administer 100 mg/kg of live mass per day. Ensure the powder is thoroughly mixed with the feed to ensure a uniform distribution.
  2. Administration in Drinking Water: Mix 0.5g of Bactefort per liter of water. This solution should be made fresh each day to maintain its potency.

For Swine: When administering Bactefort to swine, the following guidelines are recommended:

  1. Administration in Feed: Include 50-100 g of Bactefort per ton of feed. It is essential to evenly distribute the powder within the feed for optimal results.
  2. Administration in Drinking Water: Administer 20 mg/kg of live mass per day. Ensure the water solution is prepared according to this concentration.


It is crucial to follow these precautions while using Bactefort:

  1. Poultry Slaughter: Discontinue Bactefort treatment in poultry at least 3 days prior to their intended slaughter date.
  2. Fowls Producing Eggs: Do not administer Bactefort to fowls that are producing eggs for human consumption

Storage Instructions:

  • Store the product at or below 30 °C .
  • Protect Bactefort from direct exposure to light, which can degrade its effectiveness.
  • It is crucial to keep Bactefort away from humidity or any moisture sources to prevent deterioration.


50% Oxytetracycline HCI