R 459.00
Type: Livestock

ALZU RAM, LAMB AND EWE 50KG is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Alzu Ram, Lamb & Ewe Pellets are expertly formulated as a comprehensive supplement feed, tailored to meet the dietary needs of sheep and goats grazing naturally. These pellets are designed to complement good quality grazing or roughage, ensuring a balanced diet for optimal health and growth.

Product Highlights:

  • Specifically Formulated for Sheep and Goats: Ideal for rams, lambs, ewes, and goats, providing essential nutrients that might be lacking in natural grazing.
  • Ammonium Chloride Added: Includes Ammonium Chloride to prevent the formation of kidney stones, a common health concern in sheep and goats.
  • Urea-Free: This feed does not contain urea, making it safer and more suitable for ruminants.
  • Suitable for All Life Stages: Can be fed to all ages and stages of sheep and goats, from lambs and kids to mature rams and ewes.

Feeding/Administrative Directions:

  • Feed Rate: Feed at 1% of the animal's live body weight. This should be adjusted based on the animal's specific needs, stage of life, and health condition.
  • Complements Natural Grazing: Designed to be fed alongside good quality grazing or roughage.
  • Consistent Supply of Water: Ensure that animals have continuous access to clean, fresh water.
  • Regular Monitoring: Observe the health and condition of the animals regularly to ensure the feed is meeting their nutritional requirements.