R 508.00
Type: Poultry
This high-quality Broiler Grower Feed is expertly formulated to meet the nutritional needs of broiler chickens from day 21 until slaughter. It is suitable for both 2-phase and 3-phase feeding programs, providing optimal nutrition for broilers in the critical growth phase. The feed ensures that the chickens develop properly and reach the desired weight and health status at the time of slaughter, which is typically around day 32 for 3-phase feeding.

Feeding Guidelines:

  • Feeding Phase: Start feeding from day 21 until slaughter. Adjust the feeding plan according to the 2-phase or 3-phase feeding program.
  • Ad Libitum Feeding: Broilers should have continuous access to the feed to meet their growth demands.
  • Fresh Water Availability: Always provide access to clean, fresh water.
  • Monitor Growth: Regularly check the growth and health of the broilers to ensure the feed meets their nutritional needs.

This Broiler Grower Feed is an essential part of your broiler chicken's diet, providing all the necessary nutrients for them to thrive and reach their market weight healthily and efficiently.