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MEADOW SHEEP LEKKER LICK BLOCK 25KG is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Sheep Lekker Lick Block is a protein, mineral, trace mineral, and energy supplement to be used before, during, and after lambing and that could be used all year round for wool breeds. During lambing, this product assists the ewe with udder development and milk production, and prevents thick colostrum, which is often the cause of ewes rejecting lambs. The result will be healthier, stronger, and heavier weaned lambs and ewes that will recover faster and have increased chances of reconception.


  • This is a production lick for sheep in block form.
  • Supplies proper amounts of protein with high levels of energy in every bite.
  • Achieves sufficient intakes to make a difference.
  • Supplies essential nutrients to support high levels of production.